Deep Dental Cleaning

Our dentist may recommend a deep dental cleaning to help you regain your oral health. Deep cleanings are typically provided when you have developed gum disease or have not visited the dentist for a long time. To make an appointment with Dr. Juana M. Geldres and learn more about deep dental cleanings in West Palm Beach, Florida, contact our team at 561-439-7400.

Scaling and root planning (deep cleaning) involves a more intensive cleaning than a regular dental cleaning. Deep cleaning which involves numbing the patient in order to scrape the root surface under the gum line close to the bone. Scaling and root planning removes the tartar and plaque that builds up below the gum line and in areas of your mouth that are difficult to reach.

Within deep dental cleaning there are two types. One deep cleaning, performed by a dentist, includes opening up the gums. The other, done by a hygienist, cleans under the gums without opening the gums surgically. Our office provides both services. As the type of treatment you receive depends upon the stage of the gum disease, we will discuss your options with you prior to any work being done.

If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease during your visit, our dentist will recommend a deep cleaning. To maintain and to keep your periodontal disease under control you should have a periodontal maintenance treatment (a type of dental cleaning) performed every two to four months. Our dentist will recommend your treatment schedule on a case-by-case basis.

We invite you to contact our office today to learn more about the different types of dental cleanings we offer and to schedule your appointment.